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'Creating beautiful curated interiors in our homes gives us connection to live better, more effectively and more joyfully’

How it all began...

Everything starts with a story. Mine starts from an early age of being a creative, sensitive introverted child, give me a cardboard box and I was always in my element, creating beautiful (well I thought they were) rooms for my dolls, making my own furniture, wallpaper and window treatments from all the offcuts my Auntie had given me from the local Mill she worked at. If I wasn't making

I was drawing my own interiors that had many mysterious levels, I am a creative dreamer still but now after being an interior designer for over 20 years, I have been lucky to have put it all into practice. I am hugely passionate about the homes we live in and how our environments affect how we are as people and how we are as people affects our environments. For me interiors have always been about how a space feels before how great it looks. Our home interiors should feel nurturing, like a huge comforting hug, where we can re-energise and go back out into the world sharing our positive energies.

I am a mum to a son of 28 years and my youngest son is adopted and 14 years old. He came to us as a foster child when he was only 2 1/2 years old. A huge learning curve on how our home life can effect our health and wellbeing if not in a nurturing environment. A very grounding part of my family's life's journey. I am also a step mum (never liked the word step mum, I always feel like the wicked step mother from a fairy tale! Any better suggestions please let me know) to two now grown up sons. I have been with them since they were 12 and 10 years old. so a rather male household!

I have never been a trend follower, not in school or as an adult. I always go with my gut instincts, if it feels right then it is right. Surrounding yourself with things that you connect and love has always been a natural process for me. I believe whole heartedly that a place you spend lots of time in effects how you feel, which affects how you react to everyday life.

I have always been inspired by my travels whether far or near and nature, being fortunate enough to take lovely road trips in our now motorhome (use to be a Volkswagon bay camper until getting up for the loo in the night became a chore!) Collecting beautiful handmade textiles, fabrics and artefacts from around the world. I am eclectic by nature. My own home is a style I can only describe as global eclectic full of memories and stories of my life's journey, family, friends travels, nature, art, textiles, pattern, textures, colour and books.

I believe in having beautiful and functional things that bring you joy in your home.

I believe that our wellbeing and health is key to a great feeling interior not just a great looking interior. I believe in eco and sustainability where ever possible,

I am a prolific up-cycler of the pre loved.

I believe in buying local artisanal handmade goods and supporting local businesses.

Being a creative with a passion for interiors, textiles, colour and pattern has also led me to surface pattern design. Working with fabrics and wallpapers for many years it was inevitable really. I get completely lost and absorbed in designing beautiful patterns. All with my values in mind of sustainability and natural materials, colour and textures.

My other loves in life are yoga, walking, art, history, reading, gardening and dogs, ours being Rosie who likes to be my personal assistant, she loves our daily wellbeing walks chatting about all things creative, collecting seasonal natures treasures running free while I enjoy collecting and photographing the beauty we are lucky to have on our doorstep through the seasons.

I believe in supporting other female led businesses and collaborating wherever possible, building a strong community with fulfilling and mindful relationships.

I can't wait to share all that I have learnt on my creative journey with you, whether it's interior consultancy, one to one coaching, one of my self paced courses or my surface pattern journey, it will always be lead firstly by health, wellbeing and growth mindset.

I look forward to meeting you and continuing to build a beautiful like minded community.

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Andrea Leiper


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